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About us

The basic task of the Medical Department of CM UMK is to educate students and conduct scientific research. The combination of both missions carried out by the Faculty of Medicine at the highest level allows to ensure ideal conditions for the Project participants – young scientists raising their qualifications within the framework of planned interdisciplinary third degree studies.

The Faculty of Medicine has been training as part of full-time PhD studies for 19 years, which has so far completed 247 people. The vast majority of their acquired skills and knowledge are used during further academic work both in the country and abroad, and many have been awarded further titles and degrees. The experience of the Medical Department of CM UMK is, among others, implementation of research and development projects: PersonALL, Gradys, Next, COLLRAN, Strategmed: INNOSENSE and Smart AUCI; NCN grants in the competitions: Sonata, Sonata BIS, Opus and Preludium.

Our Medical Department has been assigned to the scientific category A (very good) as the result of parametric evaluation of scientific units in Poland with regards to scientific and creative achievements, potential, tangible results and results of scientific activity indicated by the unit. Such comprehensive evaluation of all the universities in Poland is performed by the Commitee for Evaluation of Scientific Units appointed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and places us among the elite of Polish science.

The teaching staff of the Medical Department of the CM UMK is composed of 71 independent scientific employees (including 26 professors and 45 postdoctoral degree holders) and 170 graduates of doctoral studies, distinguished by many years of experience in the teaching and, above all, scientific field. The Faculty of Medicine during the last parameterization received the grade A, and the total IF of the faculty employees for the years 2013-2016 is 1724 (637 articles were published in journals from the JCR database).

The target group includes university graduates with MA or MSc degree, or an equivalent, obtained after completing any field of study. Due to the proposed academic profile, the education is intended primarily for people undertaking doctoral studies immediately after completing MA or MSc studies not related to any other institution than the one in which the studies will be implemented. The project is aimed at people who expect to increase their competence in the area of the ability to present research results, the ability to organize and conduct scientific research, work in a scientific team, raise funds for research and acquire knowledge of specialist vocabulary used in a given field of science.