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Recruitment procedure

Recruitment schedule

Online registration:
from 02.07.2018 to 17.08.2018 by 1p.m.

Documents submission:
from 02.07.2018 to 17.08.2018 by 3p.m.


Admissions announcement:

Target group
Interdisciplinary doctoral studies are designed for university graduates holding a title of MA or MSc (or equivalent) obtained after completing any field of study who want to continue education at the third level and who demonstrate adequate knowledge to undertake third degree studies with biomedical specifics. The application for admission to doctoral studies will also be submittable for persons who have not completed the second-cycle studies, but are beneficiaries of the “Diamond Grant” programme.

Recruitment procedure details
In the qualification procedure (evaluated on a scale from 0 to 100 points) four elements are taken into consideration. Each of them is assessed separately. The final result of the recruitment procedure is calculated as the sum of the points obtained by the candidate from the individual elements of the proceedings. The minimum number of points mandatory for admission to doctoral studies is determined by the Faculty Recruitment Commission.
A prerequisite for admission to recruitment is knowledge of English at the minimum intermediate level, i.e. at least B2 / B2 + level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (verification method: conversation in English and / or confirmation of language command by submitting appropriate certificates).

 No.  Element of the recruitment procedure  Maximum number  of points
 1.  Interview  50
 2.  Additional qualifications  5
 3.  Documented scientific achievements  30
 4.  Study results  15
 Total  100

Recruitment procedure is described in detail in Project Regulations (https://www.wl.cm.umk.pl/nauka/i2pse/project-regulations/).

All candidates must register and submit their applications using the online candiate registration system (IRK):


In your letter of intent, please specify which research topic you apply for (or propose together with your PhD supervisor a new research topic) and who is going to be your PhD supervisor. Furthermore, please clearly declare what your additional qualifications and scientific achievements are. Qualifications and achievements (for which points are given) are listed below. Please attach your CV, copies of your certificates, diplomas, opinions, recommendation letters and full texts of your publications as well as filled and signed declarations forms (i.e. declaration of participation in the project, participant declaration, personal information of the participant). Please also provide a written synopsis of your research project and describe your research interests.

Application documents must be also delivered in person or by post to: Dziekanat Wydziału Lekarskiego (Dean’s Office, Faculty of Medicine), Jagiellońska 13 85-067 Bydgoszcz (building A, 2nd floor, room 9). The deadline is considered met as per receipt mark/receipt stamp obtained at the Dean’s Office at the Faculty of Medicine.

Interview: exam in the major field (score on a scale of 0-5, coefficient 6, maximum 30 points) and English (score on a scale of 0-5, coefficient 4, maximum 20 points).

Additional qualifications: certified knowledge of languages other than English and foreign to the candidate, additional Master’s degree studies, scholarships and academic prizes, internships, dissertation topic proposal with the consent of the prospective tutor, opinions of people familiar with the candidate from the previous period of studies – 0.5 point for each achievement, maximum 5.

Scientific achievements: authorship or co-authorship of the publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal from the A list of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education: 5 points for each publication. Authorship or co-authorship of the publication in the peer-reviewed scientific journal from the B list of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education: 3 points for publication. In addition, 2 points for the publication, when the candidate is its first author. Active participation (oral presentation, poster) at an international scientific conference: 2 points. Confirmed activity for at least 4 semesters in a student research circle or in a scientific association: 1 point. The maximum number of points cannot exceed 30.

The result of Master’s studies is calculated in accordance with the Nicolaus Copernicus University Study Regulations and converted into points according to the following rule: the result of studies on a scale of 2 – 5 multiplied by 3, a maximum of 15 points. The final result of studies in the fields leading to diploma thesis and diploma exam is the sum of 0.6 average for the whole period of study, 0.2 for the diploma thesis, 0.2 for the diploma exam.
In the medical field, the final result of studies is the average for the entire period of study.